10 Reasons To Use Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are natural alternatives to the conventional menstrual products such as pads and tampons. These flexible menstrual products are made of medical grade silicone and are very good for our environment. In this article, I will give you 10 great reasons why you should consider replacing your current pads or tampons for the eco-friendly and reusable menstrual cup.

why use a menstrual cup

10 Reasons Why Use A Menstrual Cup

#1 Non-Toxic – No Link To TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)

With disposable tampons, there is that link with TSS, which is a potentially deadly bacterial infection that may be caused by wearing tampons for too long. There was a recent article in the news about a model from Los Angeles who lost her leg due to TSS from her tampon. You can read more about this awful incident HERE! 

It’s really sad to read something like this, especially because there are many women who wear tampons. Usually the package does have a warning about the potential risk of TSS with using tampons. 

The good new with menstrual cups is that these products are very safe to use and have no reports of TSS associated with them. In fact, the design of the menstrual cup is unlikely to cause bacterial infections, because unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not absorb menstrual fluid! When a cup is inserted into the vagina, it is protected from the air by a light seal on the vaginal wall. This prevents or slows down bacteria growth. Therefore, no bacterial infection should occur. 

#2 No affect on vaginal environment

With disposable tampons, it basically absorbs everything, blood and other vaginal secretions, which can make the vagina feel dry. But with menstrual cups, they only collect the fluid, therefore, it does not affect the pH of the vaginal environment and the fluids. This is better for your body because it allows your body to function naturally by not changing the normal environment of the vagina.

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#3 Can wear it for much longer

Menstrual cups can be left in the vagina for up to 12 hours. It’s very convenient and comfortable. With disposable tampons, you need to change them frequently, at least 3 times a day (depends of how heavy your flow is). There is that risk of TSS with wearing tampons for too long. 

#4 Saves You Money

It is well worth buying a menstrual cup that you can reuse over and over again. They are not expensive to buy and can last 10 years or more. Have a read about how much you can save with menstrual cups compared to disposable tampons HERE! There is no doubt that you WILL SAVE A LOT!

#5 Very Comfortable 

Since the menstrual cup is made of the flexible silicone, you will feel comfort while wearing it and can freely do all those activities that you want. But for first timers, it may feel uncomfortable at first. But once you’ve got it right, it should feel comfortable. 

#6 No Odor

The great thing about menstrual cups is that you won’t notice any odor associated with having your period. When you use pads or tampons, they are normally exposed to air which causes that nasty distinct odor. But with menstrual cups, the seal prevents blood from being exposed to air and natural oxidation, therefore, you should not smell and feel cleaner too! 

#7 No Chemicals

The material used to make menstrual cups have no nasty chemicals that cause problems for your body. But with disposable tampons, however, they contain bleached cotton, rayon/viscose fibers, and dioxin. Dioxin is toxic and is linked to cancer. This chemical is produced during tampon manufacture. Menstrual cups are a better natural alternative and your body would love it too.

#8 Eco-friendly

As mentioned above, menstrual cups are very earth friendly. It’s a reusable product which does not contribute to the landfills. If each women decides to make that switch to using a reusable menstrual cup for their period for at least 10 years, imagine what our landfills would look like. It will definitely do our environment a big favor!

#9 No Leaks

When a menstrual cup is fitted properly into the vagina, there should not be any leaks from it. If there is, then it’s most likely not inserted properly.

#10 Preparation For Period

If you are expecting your period to come soon, but it hasn’t arrived yet, you can prepare for it by inserting the menstrual cup ahead of time. Menstrual cups are good because you can leave it in there for a long time and still feels comfortable. It is stress-free and doesn’t do any harm to your body. This is an advantage over tampons.  


Menstrual cups have many advantages over tampons and pads. They are generally better for your body and also for our environment. I love the fact that they do not contribute to our landfills and can save us so much money over the long run. If you have never used a silicon menstrual cup before, learn how to use one by watching this video HERE!

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on menstrual cups? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.



  1. Sammi - www.alittlebitofextrahelp.com says:

    Hi, what a great article, where would you buy the caps from? I assume Amazon would stock them? Although, I have heard of menstrual cups, I haven’t seen any write ups in as much detail as yours. I’m sure it would be very cost effect over alternative tampons or towels. How long are they supposed to last before you buy new ones? Sammi

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Sammi, I have written a few posts on menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads. Menstrual cups will as long as 10 years. So it’s a huge saving of money! I know that Gladrags sell reusable menstrual products. You can also find them from Amazon too.

  2. Ilina says:

    The Menstrual Cups seem to be an amazing product.
    I have not heard of them before, and I am really interested in them and I would like to know where I could buy them from (I live in Europe).
    And how do you clean them? With what?
    How do you know that they are sterilized?
    Otherwise, I really think it is a great idea, and definitely much better than tampons.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Teresa says:

      Menstrual cups are very easy to clean. If you are wearing them, you can just empty it in the toilet and give it a rinse with a bottle of water (if you are carrying one) before you reinsert it. You could also purchase Lunette wipes, which are mild disinfectants individually wrapped so that you can carry them in your handbag if needed. These can be used to wipe the cups while you are out and about.

      At the end of your period, just wash your menstrual cup in hot soapy water — no need to boil. Dry thoroughly. If you wish, you may rinse it in a mild solution of tea tree oil or vinegar and water, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  3. Angela says:

    I’ve seen these menstrual cups at Whole Foods for years, but never thought much about buying one because I’ve always preferred pads to tampons. However, there are times when a tampon is the way to go, so it’s great to know there is an alternative to traditional tampons that is superior in so many ways! Thank you for sharing this information!

    My favorite company for reusable pads is Party in My Pants. Have you ever heard of them, Teresa? I just love their philosophy about making that time of the month something you can actually look forward to with fun, elegant, comfortable pads! And, of course, the fact that their pads are handmade and earth friendly. :)

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Angela, I’ve just had a look at Party In My Pants :) They seem to only sell pads. There is another company that sells both reusable cloth pads and tampons called Gladrags. If you are interested in reading more about this topic, have a read of my article “Why switch you reusable menstrual products”, which you can read here. CLICK HERE!

  4. Gina says:

    Umm wow! I’ve never heard of these. I think I want to get some now. I’m sick of dealing with uncomfortable tampons.
    You can’t feel this inside of you? It seems like you would be able to but I believe you!
    I’m all about the environment as well! :) You definitely sold me here.

  5. Jessica says:

    Hi Teresa,
    This sounds like a money saver for sure. And I like the idea that they don’t leak or have any embarrassing odor attached to them.

    As I was reading this, I was thinking about an article I read about homeless women and how difficult it is for them especially when they have their period. I would think a product like this would be great for them because as long as they had somewhere to wash it, they wouldn’t have to worry about infections and continuous costs.

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