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What Is All Things Earth Friendly About?


This website was created to cover anything and everything that is friendly to people, animals, and our environment. It will provide tips and suggestions for those who want to adopt an eco-friendly approach to living.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle means living more in harmony with the natural world and having a positive effect on the environment. There are many things that you can do that will reduce your impact on the environment and also lead a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.

Protecting the environment benefits everyone. It could save energy, water, reduce air pollution or adding less to landfills. Every little change makes a difference to our environment.

You can even save money by choosing an earth friendly lifestyle. For example, money can be saved on household energy bills. Check out some of these tips. CLICK HERE

Money can also be saved from your personal choice of products. For example, choosing eco-friendly bamboo fabric clothing, reusable cloth nappies for your baby, buying rechargeable batteries instead of single use ones, and buying certified organic food and products that are not contaminated with nasty chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Other things you can do include recycling your bottles, cans, paper, and even clothes. Use reusable cloth bags for shopping or even consider walking or cycling to places if possible.

The list of things you can do to make a positive change to the environment is endless. Go ahead and explore the website for useful ideas and suggestions and start making your small changes TODAY.


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  1. Keely says:

    I am a fellow believer in eco-friendly living across the board. It is amazing once we begin to look at all the areas in our lives through which we can have a real impact on reducing unnecessary waste and environmental toxicity. Everyone can make a difference – thank you for being a part of that and spreading the word!

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