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Hi there,About Teresa

My name is Teresa and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I have created All Things Earth Friendly to share my passion about things that will reduce our carbon footprint on this planet and encourage people to live a natural and organic lifestyle whenever possible.

My journey into this green lifestyle began when my sister started shopping for natural products from health shops because she didn’t like the chemicals from those everyday products that you find from the supermarket shelves. After a year of hearing her complain about chemicals in products, it got me thinking about natural/organic ingredients and whether it makes a difference if I choose to use natural/organic products instead of chemical ones. After doing some research, I realised that many of the chemicals used to manufacture our personal care products can actually be quite harmful to our health.

So this was the moment that I made a decision to start using natural and organic products. The first product that I started using was the Miessence skin care products and it felt so good on my skin, even better than the many chemical brands that I was using previously. Then I started using other products from this brand such as the shampoos, toothpastes and shower gels and eventually became an independent distributor of these products, which can be found on my online store www.TeresaOrganics.com .

Then later on, I became interested in other products such as bamboo clothing, BPA free products and other eco-friendly alternative solutions. I also enjoy attending events that promote an eco-friendly and organic lifestyle such as the Sustainability Living Festival, the World Vegan Day, and fairtrade festivals such as Moral Fair Ground.

So I hope that All Things Earth Friendly would inspire and encourage people to change their lifestyle to benefit themselves, the planet, and our future generations to come.




Founder of All Things Earth Friendly

Email: teresa@allthingsearthfriendly.com


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