Benefits Of Using Certified Organic Skin Care

Why choose certified organic skin care?

The best organic skin care products are those that have been certified. Do you know that the cosmetic and personal care industry is unregulated and companies are allowed to use almost any ingredients as they wish. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the US government does not review the safety of the products before they are sold to consumers.

There is a huge misrepresentation of the word ‘organic’. A company can claim something is ‘organic’ if it contains one ‘natural’ ingredient, but in actual fact, it may contain 100’s of the 10,500 harmful chemical ingredients that are commonly used in our personal care products. We call this greenwashing!

The only guarantee that an ‘organic’ claim is authentic is to have them certified by an independent regulation body, such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Certified organic products will carry a symbol, logo or other trade mark to indicate that they have achieved certification.

The benefits of using certified organic products and processes includes:

  • Independent third party guarantee of quality and purity of ingredients
  • Safe, clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality
  • Sustainable agriculture that respects, supports and nurtures the complete ecology and energy of our planet
  • Authenticity and integrity of ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ claims
  • Prevention of damage to the environment and humans by toxic chemicals used in conventional agriculture

What is Miessence?

Miessence is an Australian company which manufactures and distributes an extensive range of certified organic products that I love and trust. They have developed over 70 top quality innovative products for those people who want to truly live an organic lifestyle and minimise toxins in their home environment. The products are available worldwide.

My favorite products are the Miessence skin care products. Their skin care product range is quite broad. There is a product for every part of the face, such as a skin brightener, eye and neck serum, blemish gel and more. But their basic skin care essentials for our every day routine are designed around four different skin profiles.


(The best skin care for sensitive skin)

Some of the h19104-Soothing Skin Essentials Packerbs used includes:

– Organic Chamomile: Antimicrobial, calming, and soothing properties.

– Organic Horsechestnut: Decongests, drains broken capillaries, calms, and strengthens.

– Organic St Johns Wort: Moisturises, astringent, refreshes, and tones. An anti-inflammatory and a skin tightener.

– Organic Witch Hazel: Drains, astringent, anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory and protective.

– Carrot Seed: Regnerates, tones, and heals. Excellent for mature and congested skin, couperous skin and eczema.

– German Chamomile: Anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties. Excellent for wound healing and painrelieving.

– Organic Rosehip Seed: Regenerates, moisturises, and heals. It is used to reduce scarring and facial lines, soften scars and retard premature aging.



(skin care for acne skin or oily problem)

Some of19103-Purifying Skin Essential Pack the herbs used includes:

– Organic Burdock: Astringent, softens, soothes, and purifies. Restores the smoothness of the skin. An excellent remedy for acne and eczema.

– Organic Echinacea: Purifies, stimulates, calms, and revitalizes. Firms and tones the skin.

– Organic Nettle: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, astringent, and strengthens.

– Organic Plantain: Astringent, soothing, and healing. Tones the skin and reduces oil secretions of the skin.

– Organic Witch Hazel: Draining, Astringent, anti-free radical, and protective.

– Organic Tea Tree: Astringent, regulates, and repairs. A potent antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that treat acne.

– Organic Lemon Myrtle: Astringent, anti-bacterial, and repairs.

– Organic Jojoba: Nourishes, moisturisers, anti-free radical, and protective.



(Good for normal combination skin)


Some of the herbs used includes:

– Organic Calendula: Soothes, heals, restores.

– Organic Chamomile: Antimicrobial, calms, and soothes.

– Organic Marshmallow: Softens, revitalises, emollient, and hydrates. Controls oily skin and soothe allergic skin reactions.

– Organic Olive Leaf: Repairs, tones, firms, and an antioxidant. Improves skin hydration and elasticity.

– Organic St Johns Wort: Moisturises, astringent, refreshes, and tones.

– Organic Lavender: Soothes, relaxes, and regenerates. It regulates sebum production.

– Organic Rosehip Seed: Regenerates, moisturises, and heals.



(Skin care for aging skin or dry mature skin)


Some of the herbs used includes:

– Organic Gotu Kola: Anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and heals. It is useful for stressed skin, to heal wounds, dermatitis, and is a valued skin tonic.

– Organic Hops:  Astringent, Purifies, Stimulates, tones, and a dark circle treatment.

– Organic Horsetail: Stimulates, tones, firms, anti-free radical.

– Organic Nettle: Anti-allergenic, circulation enhancer, anti-inflammatory, astringent

– Organic Geranium: Tones, softens, soothes, and balances.

– Moroccan Rose: Anti-wrinkle and regenerates.

– Organic Avocado: Moisturises, nourishes, and softens

– Organic Rosehip Seed: Regenerates, moisturises, and heals.


Daily Skin Care Routine In Just 2 Minutes

To find out how to use the Miessence skin care products watch Narelle Chenery, Director of Product Development for Miessence, as she takes you through a simple, daily, 2-minute skin care routine that will make a big difference in the health and appearance of your skin. The potent botanical extracts in Miessence’s Cleansers, Skin Conditioners, and Moisturisers remove pollutants and dead skin cells, feed and hydrate, and lock in moisture.



You can purchase Miessence Skin Care at

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