Can Animals Get Sunburn?

parrotMost animals live outdoors and are usually exposed to the sun. But, unlike humans, why don’t they suffer from sunburn? Do you ever wonder why this is the case?

Well, after doing some digging, I found out why….some animal species basically produce their own sunscreen! How interesting!

This was discovered recently by scientists from Oregon State University and published in the journal eLife. They have found that many fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds are capable for producing a natural compound called Gadusol. This compound offers these animals protection from the harmful UV rays.

Gadusol is a natural sunscreen and also an antioxidant as well.

More about gadusol can be read HERE!

zebrafishIt was previously thought that fish acquired gadusol from their environment, such as eating bacteria, algae, and fungi that produced these compounds.

But after the scientists from Oregon State University conducted some experiments with yeast, their findings suggest that zebrafish were capable of producing these natural sunscreen compounds internally.

Since fish and other animals species are able to produce these compounds, it makes them safe for ingestion. There is a future prospect in making sunscreen pills, lotions, and cosmetics by using yeast to mass produce the natural compound, gadusol. However, further research into this area is needed.

I can imagine how convenient it would be to just take a sunscreen pill and go outdoors rather than taking time to rub sunscreen all over my body. It sounds quick and easy!

Woman Hands Putting Sunscreen From A Bottle On The BeachMany conventional sunscreens are made up of some harmful ingredients that are just not good for our bodies. So if this natural sunscreen pill is available in the future, then I would give it a go and see how it goes.

In the mean time, I still avoid applying any harmful substances on my body by using a mineral sunscreen from Miessence, which contains the essential ingredient, ZINC OXIDE, that provides an effective protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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How lucky are those animals who can produce their own sunscreen…makes me feel a little envious of them. :)

What are your thoughts about this topic? Would you prefer a natural sunscreen pill? Please leave your comments below.

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