Do 100% natural beauty products cause allergies?

skin allergyIt is very common for people to assume that just because a product contains 100% natural ingredients that it must also be hypoallergenic. In fact this is not always the case. Natural products and allergies have been reported before.

A recent article appeared in ABC13 Eyewitness News about a severe allergy reaction caused by a common preservative found in natural and hypoallergenic products called methylchloroisothiazolinone. You can have a read of this article here. CLICK HERE

Like any new product that you have not tried before, regardless of whether it is natural or certified organic, it is highly recommended that you do a patch test first to see how your skin reacts to the ingredients of that product.

Patch Test Prior To Trying New Product

Patch test is so important when it comes to trying out new products and should not be ignored regardless of your age or ethnic background.  A 2004 study reported that 10% of adults in the United States and Europe suffered from adverse reactions to cosmetics, as well as 30% being vulnerable to allergic contact dermatitis.

A patch test can simply be conducted by dabbing a small amount of preparation onto sensitive areas such as the pulse of your wrist, the crook of your elbow, or the back of your ears. Leave it on for 24 – 48 hours and watch for any adverse reactions.

Typical signs of allergic reaction includes redness, a rash, any form of breakouts on the skin, itchiness, pain, flaking etc. Other possible signs may also include nausea or respiratory reactions. But if any signs are present, it’s best not to use the product. If you do, it is highly likely you are going to experience an allergic reaction with that new product that you just bought.

Be Careful of the ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’ claim

shock lookIt is without a doubt that people are choosing more natural alternatives for their lifestyle. So there is that demand for natural products in the market. But the problem is that there is no regulation for using the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ in packaging.

A  company or brand can still state that their product is made with natural ingredient’s even though a small percentage of a “not so natural” ingredient is used in their product.

If you are not good with reading labels, you should consider natural products that have the third party certification such as the Natural Products Association Seal. This certification is your assurance of authenticity when shopping for natural products.

The same principle applies for organic products too. Choose organic products that have been certified by a third party such as ACO (Australian Certified Organic) or USDA (US Department of Agriculture). Read more on certification here. CLICK HERE

Another great article that I recommend reading is called Benefits of Using Organic Skin Care. CLICK HERE

Detox Process With Natural And Organic Products

wash hairDo you know that when you switch from using chemical products to natural and organic ones, there is a detoxing process that your body goes through?  The detoxification process means that your body is trying to get rid of those toxins that have accumulated in your body from years of using chemical-ladened products.

This detoxification process may last for the first few weeks when you start to use natural and organic products. Everyone may experience different things during the detoxing process. Some people don’t experience anything at all. It just varies from person to person.

For example, commercial hair products usually contain ingredients such as dimethicone, cylcomethicone, other chemicals with ‘cone’ in it. These are silicone derivitives that give your hair this ‘plastic’ coating. When you switch to a natural or organic hair product, your hair may feel dry and knotty for the first few weeks because your hair is basically going through a detoxification process to eliminate the silicone or other chemicals from your hair. Once this process is complete, your hair may feel soft and silky.

Another example is the detoxification of the armpit. The switch to a natural deodorant may initially cause the individual’s body to be more smelly. This is due to the accumulated chemicals from using conventional deodorants that had blocked the body’s natural ability to function properly like sweating.

Regardless of how long it takes for your body to naturally detox, there are things you can do to speed up this detoxification process.

Tips To Quicken Detoxification Process


1) Prepare a bath with 1 cup sea salt, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, and 2 cups bicarb soda. Hop in the bath and swish your hair around in it. This needs to be done with a few baths for maximum benefit.


2) Make a paste of bicarb soda and your natural/organic shampoo and wash your hair with it a few times.


3) Make a paste of clay with your natural/organic shampoo and wash your hair with it a few times.


Mix 1 tablespoon of bicarb soda or clay, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, and 1-2 teaspoons of water together in a glass bowl. Then spread in an even layer over the armpits and let it sit for 5 – 20 minutes. (recommended to start with 5 minutes then gradually increase to longer time). If it hurts, then remove it straight away.

This application may cause some redness as it will increase blood-flow to the area, but it will go away quickly. Wash off with warm water. Repeat this daily or as needed until odor goes away and natural deodorant is non-irritating.

Thanks for reading this article, If you have enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below. If you have other ideas for detoxing the body, I would love to hear about them.

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