Is Ginger Good For A Cold?

cold and fluThe winter season has arrived in Australia. It’s June now and some days are freezing cold, especially in the mornings.

I always make sure that I wear warm clothing including socks to bed because my feet tend to feel the cold during the night. 

In the cold season, there are many people who suffer from the cold and flu. Ginger is something that came to my mind today.

Ginger contains healing and medicinal properties and has various benefits. It can be used as a natural remedy for colds and flu, great for circulation, digestion, and nausea, and helps with motion and sea sickness.

So if you are sick during this cold weather, it’s good to serve up a piping hot ginger tea. 

A while ago, I bought a bottle of non-alcoholic Rochester Ginger to make a variety of drinks when ever I feel like it.

But during my sick days, I usually make myself a hot cup of lemon and honey drink and add some of this ginger into it. This ginger can be used alone too. Just add 50ML Rochester Ginger into hot water, stir, and drink up!

Rochester Ginger

Rochester Ginger can be bought from Amazon, which is located on your right side for your convenience. Just type in Rochester Ginger on the search and choose which one you want to purchase. 

There is no need to take pharmaceutical cough and flu syrups to combat your symptoms when natural remedies are available.

So take care of yourself and look for natural and effective alternatives like Ginger for your sick days. 

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  1. Chris says:

    I definitely go along with this article – ginger has something that aids the health process with a cold. My girlfriend always adds it to hot drinks when we fall ill and it has now helped us on numerous occasions. Great tips here – thoroughly enjoyed reading

  2. yunier says:

    I’m always getting sick… i think it’s time to buy some ginger bottles to keep in the house ! I didn’t know this actually worked but I will give it a try. Thanks !

  3. Eoinmc says:

    I love ginger, but never put much thought into the medicinal benefits. That said, I’m not surprised that it has medicinal properties.
    My local market sells alcoholic ginger beer. I’ve tried it and it’s delicious so here’s my recommendation if you get a cold.
    Drink a few bottles of delicious ginger beer before you go to bed. It might not cure the cold, but you’re sure to get a good nights sleep.
    When you wake in the morning you might have a headache. Take 2 paracetamol and have a cold shower followed by a cup of black coffee. If you still feel off, go back to bed for a while.

    Well – it works for me!

  4. Kari Havu says:

    The readability of your blog is great. Short paragraphs and space enough between them. Also great pics which increase the readability. There’s no link on your Amazon logo. If you have an Amazon affiliate link you could embed it to the picture of Rochester Ginger bottles.

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