Living The Simple, Healthy, And Off-The Grid Life

OFF GRID LIVINGIn a world where people are expected to work to make a living, we are all brought up to believe that money is required to support our self and our family. We all need money to survive!

Wouldn’t it be good to not chase money all the time, but still live a comfortable lifestyle?

Would you believe that there are some minority groups of people who have built a comfortable and happy lifestyle without spending so much money.

There is a name for these types of people. They are called ‘freegans’. More info on freeganism is found HERE! 

I found an interesting video about a guy named Rob Greenfield living off the grid in San Diego. His debt-free and bill-free lifestyle caught my attention.

Rob have been living of the grid for a few years before he bought his own tiny house from craigslist for $950 and have been living there for about 4 months. His inspiring video below made me think about our own lives and how dependent we are on material things like money, car, warm water, refrigerator, electricity, a toilet that flushes, and other luxuries, that makes us feel comfortable.

This guy has shown us that it is possible to simplify life without the luxuries, and still feel comfortable. A sustainable and organic lifestyle that is harmonious to nature and good for our planet!

Watch his video below and let me know what you think of his lifestyle by commenting below. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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