My Nutritious Green Potato and Gravy

Has anyone done this before? Turning their potato and gravy into a green colour? Well, I think I’m the first to do it…

A couple of days ago, someone had brought home some unhealthy lunch, KFC! So while I was enjoying my oily meal, a thought came over my mind. I thought “wouldn’t it be good to be a bit creative today and make my potato and gravy turn green”. So I decided to add 1 teaspoon of my favorite superfood, the Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising superfood, to a bowl of potato and gravy.

It not only gives it that beautiful green colour, it makes it nutritious too. That green colour actually makes my potato and gravy look a lot like dip. I could actually get some of those KFC hot potato fries and dip it in there and see what it tastes like!

Well, when I finally get to taste it, it wasn’t bad, but I still prefer the original taste of KFC potato and gravy :)

Have a look at my video below of my little food experiment. Would you try this? 

Have you played with your food like this before? If so, what unusual things have you done? Would love to hear about it. Please share by leaving comments below.

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