Natural Suncreens Don’t Need Chemicals To Work

woman-applying-suntan-lotion-at-the-beachThere are still many people who will choose to buy sunscreen that have all kinds of nasty ingredients used for providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Some of these toxic ingredients include Octyl-methoxycinnamate and Oxybenzone, which are absorbed into the skin.

But with natural sunscreens, having zinc oxide as the natural active ingredient is effective enough to protect from the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays.

Zinc Oxide Sunscreens

The best zinc oxide sunscreens are those that have 20 – 25% of this ingredient in the product. This high percentage of zinc oxide are mostly found in a natural SPF 30 sunscreen.  

Zinc oxide is a mineral that is considered safe according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and it provides a physical barrier against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. These minerals act like tiny mirrors to reflect them away from your skin so that you won’t suffer from sunburn. zinc oxide

There is a difference between a chemical-based sunscreen and a mineral-based sunscreen. The chemical-based sunscreens must absorb into your skin to be effective via a chemical reaction with the sun’s UV rays.

Whereas, a mineral-based sunscreen doesn’t get absorbed, but rather sits on the surface of your skin to block the harmful rays. This is why zinc oxide sunscreens are sometimes referred to as “sunblock”.

Zinc oxide sunscreens are normally thicker and harder to rub on compared to chemical-based ones, but they are still highly effective and a safe alternative to use, which allows you to avoid exposing yourself to harmful ingredients. 

If you love the beach and the sun during warmer seasons and need to wear sunscreen frequently, why expose yourself to chemicals when there is a safer alternative around?

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Natural Suncreen Lotion SPF30 Failed…Why?

Only recently, I have come across a few articles of the many customer complaints made against Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Suncreen lotion SPF30. The sunscreen failed to work leaving angry customers venting their frustrations on social media, such as Twitter. I have seen some pictures of those nasty burns that some of these customers had to deal with.

This prompted me to visit The Honest Company’s website to take a look at their ingredients list to determine why the sunscreen lotion did not work for these people.

When I saw the non-nano zinc oxide active ingredient was 9.3%, that probably explains why people got sunburnt. Their sunscreen lotion was reformulated earlier in 2015 where zinc oxide was reduced while other ingredients were added to the formulation. 

The Honest Company’s response to customer complaints is shown below. I just wonder, how can this sunscreen confer an SPF 30 protection with less than 10% zinc oxide? Even if people shook it well before applying onto their skin, if there is not enough zinc oxide then how can it reflect the sun’s UV rays away?The Honest Company Response

There may be other factors involved, but knowing that the main active ingredient that is responsible for providing sun protection has been reduced doesn’t sit well with me. If I am going to be confident that I won’t get burnt, I would prefer to buy a mineral sunscreen with at least 20% zinc oxide in it. That’s my personal opinion anyway. 

If you want to read more about this story, read the article HERE

Apart from their sunscreen, I do believe that The Honest Company is making a good initiative to help parents and babies have safer alternatives by providing natural and organic products. They have some really great looking products on their website!

Going back to sunscreen, there is an article that I wrote early this year called “Protection from a natural sunscreen is better than a chemical one”. If you are interested, read this article HERE

miessence reflect outdoor balmMy personal favorite zinc oxide sunscreen is the Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm, which has 22% zinc oxide.

I have never been burnt using this product and have recommended it to many of my friends who are looking for safer sunscreens.

If this sunscreen has been sitting on the shelf for a while, the product may not appear uniform, so needs a good mix first before application.  

This product has a pleasant smell and I don’t look white when I apply on my skin. Even in the most hottest days, I still did not get burnt…so I am confident that this sunscreen does a great job!

If you want to find out more about this natural sunscreen, read more about it HERE


Mineral-based sunscreens is a better and safer alternative to chemical-based ones. It usually contains the active ingredient zinc oxide in the product. Usually a product needs to have at least 20 – 25% of zinc oxide to provide an effective physical barrier to reflect off the harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

What are your thoughts about mineral-based sunscreens? Would you use them or would you stick to chemical-based ones? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


  1. Christine says:

    This is a very informative post. I have always used chemical based sunscreens and did not realise that there were natural sunscreens available. It is good to know that they work as well as, if not better than the chemical based sunscreens. I will certainly be looking very carefully at the range of sunscreens before I buy anything in the future.

    • Teresa says:

      The great thing about natural sunscreens is that they do not contain toxic chemical ingredients. We really don’t need all those toxins just to protect our skin.

  2. linda says:

    Great article! I wish I would have read it before I went on vacation with my son and his family. Just before we left, my daughter-in-law asked me to help her pick out a sunscreen lotion that would be good to put on the children. The only thing that I knew was to get the highest SPF that we could find.
    After reading your article, I will now know what to look for in picking out sunscreen lotion.

    Thank you,


  3. Arthur in Action says:

    Great t find an natural product for sun protection – I hate using any body products with unnatural chemicals and will use an alternative whenever I can. I live in South East Asia – mainly the Philippines and Hong Kong. It gets very hot here in the summer. Is it possible to find products like this here?

  4. Get Sport Supplements says:

    I thought your website was very appealing to your niche audience. It dealt with plenty of great blogs on helping relevant to your specialist area. The pages and posts are presented great and are well constructed. You seem to truly care for your readers by the amount of time you put into research to give them all the info they would need for selecting their products. I give you a 10 out of 10.

  5. Lee Zhi Wei says:

    Hey there

    You have laid out a great article relating to SunScreens. It relates to people like me who likes to suntan but often relies on off-the-shelves products.

    I find that the oil which i used frequently are kinda destroying my skin condition as time goes by.

    Thanks for the review!
    Zhi Wei

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Zhi Wei, what kind of oils are you using on your skin? If you are worried and want more info about whether the ingredients in your products are safe, you can refer to the resources page here. CLICK HERE!

  6. Andrea says:

    Very valuable article.
    Chemical and toxic sunscreen products are actually the main cause of skin cancer.
    During the 80s the media start to attack the sun as if it was the major cause of skin cancer, so people start to cover themselves with toxic creams
    . Guess what, skin cancer went up. For that reason i never ever used any products, if a i get burnt i later apply aloe and the problem is solve, i normally try to avoid to get burnt, but hey…better burnt than sick.
    Thanks to you i now know about Zink Oxid and the percentage we need to protect us.

    I thank you so much for this article.

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