Reusable Food Pouches Are Handy For Easter Eggs

colourful easter eggsIt’s still the month of April, but Easter has just past! I wanted to write about Easter in this post.

It’s a very important time, especially for christians to celebrate Easter. It is also an important time for people to bond with their family and friends during the long weekend. Working people would be relieved to have that long weekend to take a well deserved break from their work.

Last month, I wrote a review on some reusable products from 4MyEarth, which is an online store that sells unique and stylish eco-friendly sandwich wraps, snack pockets, food covers and other reusable products.  

My article was intended to show people how to use them for many other things not just for food items. You can read more HERE.

Recently, 4MyEarth had some new and interesting prints available from their online store. I received my reusable sandwich wrap and snack pocket with one of their latest print called ABC.

So now I will show you what I did with these eco-friendly and reusable products.

Reusable Snack Pouch For Easter Eggs

During the Easter period, there were so many easter eggs in my house. They were different sizes, but I mainly had lots of the little solid eggs. So I used the reusable snack pouch to store these easter eggs. How convenient! I loovvvve chocolate!

Reusable Pouches ABC Easter eggs

The snack pouch was also used to hold some of my favorite snacks to take to work during the weekdays. The picture shows a museli bar and a delicious cream biscuit.

Reusable snack pouch

Reusable Sandwich Wrap For My Lunch

Reusable Sandwich WrapThe reusable sandwich wrap was pretty handy to pack my sandwich to bring to work.

I love the unique designs from 4MyEarth. The best thing about their products is that it lasts SOOOO LONG!.

When we make a conscious choice to go the eco-friendly approach, then we are doing our bit to save the environment. Less rubbish in the landfills!

I like to encourage people to start using reusable earth friendly products too so that it will make a difference to our environment.

It actually works out cheaper in the long run because we can reuse the products over and over again!

If you want to check out what 4MyEarth has for your eco-friendly needs, please take a look at their website HERE.

What do you think of these eco-friendly solutions? Please leave your comments below.


  1. Jason says:

    Your website is neatly put together with really nice information. The 4myearth website is also great with some really useful information.

    The reusable pouches are ideal for most sandwiches and snacks.

    Thank you for putting this website together for us. I will be coming back for more useful suggestions.


    • Teresa says:

      Hi Jason,

      The reusable pouches are great for many things and saves on plastic wrap and bags. I really love using them. I think lots of people should try them and they’ll realize how good they really are :) Being as eco-friendly as possible is better than not trying at all. Thanks for reading my post. I’m glad you found this information useful.

      Cheers, Teresa

  2. Lin says:

    Reusable sandwich bags are a great idea. I went over to the company site to see if the bags are washable. It appears so, plus I learned the statics on how much plastic wrap would be saved by just one person! Amazing. Thanks for bring this info to my attention. I will be back!

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