Reusable Snack Pouches Are Multipurpose

food wraps and pocketsOne of the top ways to minimize waste to the landfills is to reuse and recycle things. Getting into this habit will also save you money too.

One of the ways you can adopt an earth friendly approach and help reduce waste is choose reusable sandwich bags and cloth snack pouches for packing your lunch to work.

Or if you have kids, it’s great for them too.

One of the best reusable sandwich bags, food wraps and pockets that I have used so far are from

I purchased some of these items a few years ago and have been using them ever since. They are great value for money and good for the environment. So I am going to review these products.

Review of 4MyEarth reusable products

Below is a photo of the reusable items placed on a picnic mat. They are great for picnics! All are hand, dishwasher or machine washable too. They will last a very long time!

The lunch bag is 21 x 26 x 10cm and is made from a lightweight Neoprene. The material is free from toxins such chlorine, PVC, lead, formaldehyde, BPA and phthalate.

The flat, strong and lightweight food wrap on the left is about 40cm x 40cm. It has a long velcro to lock the food items in place. Great for sandwiches, rolls, wraps, and other food items that fit into it.

The food pocket in the middle is about 18cm x 18cm.

The snack pouch is the about 10cm x 10cm


My Snack Wraps

I have two of the below snack wraps that I got from a showbag at an eco-friendly event that I had attended. I love the patterns on them. 4MyEarth have a variety of other new patterns now. Inside these snack wraps, you can see the velcro inside.

reusable snack wraps

reusable snack wrap

These snack wraps are not only used for wrapping up your snacks, they can be used for other things too. They are multipurpose! That’s what I also love about them.

I use my snack wraps to put small items such as my lip balm, eye drops, handbag hooks, pocket tissues, small lotions etc.

If the item fits, then I’ll put it in. It’s great for travel items.

If you want to get into a habit of being more earth friendly, you might be interested in checking out what other eco-friendly items are available at 4MyEarth. CLICK HERE!

multipurpose wrap

reusable cloth wrap

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  1. foodwarrior says:

    These are a great alternative to tupperware. I suspect my collection, while BPA free, is plagued with lesser healthy chemicals just as a substitute. I will be looking into Neoprene.

  2. Rob Christian says:

    Great post! I always try to use eco-friendly materials as much as I possibly can. I really like the idea of using snack wraps and sandwich wraps that are reusable. Interesting concept, thank you!

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