Hot Chocolate VS Berry Radical

hot chocolate vs berry radical

In this post, I will talk about the difference between Hot Chocolate and the Miessence Berry Radical. Hot chocolate and Berry Radical look similar, but Berry Radical is highly nutritious and can replace your hot chocolate and coffees during the day. Only one teaspoon is enough to meet your daily antioxidant needs! 

In the below video, you will find out why I highly recommend Berry Radical to people! It’s low in calories and each serving will cost you less than a cup of hot chocolate in comparison. Watch my video below and let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below!

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They really are good stuff!

Pick me up snacks: Radical Balls

Radical balls

Who love snacks during the day? We all have those cravings…

Recently, I made some very delicious Radical Balls. The reason why I call them radical balls is because I put an antioxidant ingredient called BerryRadical superfood into these tasty balls. It gives it that lovely brown colour.


1/2 Cup Biscuit Crumbs

2 teaspoons Miessence Berry Radical Superfood

2 tablespoons dessicated coconut

2 tablespoons condense milk

Extra dessicated coconut for coating balls


Add all the dry ingredients together (except the extra coconut), and then add condense milk which sticks all the dry ingredients together. You need to use you hands to mix everything thoroughly first, and then make the balls and roll them quickly into the extra coconut. If you want them to be really firm, can place them in the fridge. 

In the below video, I demonstrated how you can make these delicious snacks. The kids will love them for sure! I made 8 radical balls with this recipe. Go ahead and watch my video…it is worth it to make this at home.

Thanks for watching! Hope you really enjoyed it.

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