Making Bioplastic Stamps

Have you ever heard of eco-friendly or green plastic before? Bioplastic is the name that I came across recently. At lease these plastics are biodegradable and won’t harm our planet! 

I thought I would have a bit of fun just making things with a few simple ingredients to make these bioplastics. What came to my mind was bioplastic stamps in whatever shape you desire. If you have your favorite mould at home, you can actually make bioplastic stamps with those mould.

Watch my video below which shows you how I made small butterfly stamps!

All you need is three basic ingredients and a few tools


4 teaspoons Gelatin

1/2 teaspoon Glycerin

1/4 cup Water


  • Mix ingredients first, then set heat to high so that it starts to boil. Then take it away from heat and let it sit briefly. 
  • Spoon out froth, then pour clear liquid into moulds
  • Remove remaining bubbles from mould
  • Let it set and they should be ready to use for your crafty projects

Hope you have found this post useful! You can try this yourself and have a bit of fun with it too!