Super Healthy Fruity Milkshake

Super Fruity Milk ShakeSometimes, I like to make myself a delicious milkshake by adding my favorite fruits and superfoods in there. Recently, I created a video showing people how I made this fruity milkshake with the Miessence superfoods. 

This may be something that you would like to try  out if you decide to do a 10 Day Miessence Vitality Challenge that I explained about in my previous post called ‘A Better Me In Ten Days’. You can read it here. CLICK HERE.

This milkshake is similar to a previous one that I made, which is shown in this post called ‘How To Make Your Own Probiotic’. Check it out here. CLICK HERE

The only difference with this milkshake is that it doesn’t have pear and yoghurt in it. In fact, it has the InLive Miessence probiotic in it instead. This is even better than yoghurt itself!

There’s an awesome video that explains about the superfoods really well. Check out my post called ‘Superfoods – My Miracle Food!’ CLICK HERE

Let me know what you think about this milkshake by commenting below.

What is your favorite milkshake?