Wake Me Up Green Smoothie

wake me up green smoothieGreen smoothies are very refreshing and healthy. It’s a great way to start the morning! One morning, I felt like making myself a green smoothie to start the day. In my fruit basket, I only had some bananas and kiwi fruits. So I decided to just use these ingredients for my smoothie. This combination of fruit works well especially when you add the nutritious supplement, Deepgreen Alkalising Superfood, with apple juice!

So here’s the simple smoothie recipe I used for making this delicious breakfast drink!

Transfer smoothie to another glass and decorate it with a slice of banana! It looks great! Now it’s ready to drink!

If you want to find out more about why the Miessence Deepgreen Superfoods are so good, check out this blog article here. CLICK HERE!

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Thank you for reading this post. Hope you enjoyed the video too. If you have made some fantastic smoothies, please share by commenting below!