DIY Biodegradable Seed Pots and Mini-Greenhouse

biodegradable seed pots


Here in Melbourne, Australia, it is Spring! Spring is a great time for planning a vegetable garden. This season I plan to grow some organic vegetables in my garden. I have recently bought packets of seeds for cucumbers, capsicums, eggplants, coriander. Rather than buying seed pots and a mini-greenhouse to let the seeds germinate, I thought it would be a wonderful idea just to make them with the materials that I have at home. 

Using things that I already have will not only be good for my pocket, but recycling is good for our environment too. In the below video, I demonstrated how I used plane white A4 paper to create my seed pots. I’ve seen other people use newspaper to make their seed pots, but I don’t particularly like that idea of the ink being on paper since these pots will be planted directly in the soil. I want my edible plants as clean as possible without any unnecessary chemicals!

In the video, I made 18 little seed pots and stored them in a shoebox. Not seen in the video is the seeds that I planted into these pots, but I did label the pots with what seeds I put into them so that I don’t confuse myself. Basically, I prepared 4 seed pots with coriander seeds, 4 for eggplants, 5 for capsicums, and 5 for cucumbers. Then I sprayed them with water to keep them moist, then wrapped a piece of clear cellophane to cover them. This creates that greenhouse effect! 

It really is that simple! Why do people need to buy materials when they already have these things at home! It really does come down to thinking outside the box and being creative. Have a watch of my video, and let me know what you think…

Thanks for watching my video! Hope you really enjoyed it and plan on making your own during Spring! Let me know what you think of this video….would you do this at home? Any ideas/suggestions are welcomed!