Hot Chocolate VS Berry Radical

hot chocolate vs berry radical

In this post, I will talk about the difference between Hot Chocolate and the Miessence Berry Radical. Hot chocolate and Berry Radical look similar, but Berry Radical is highly nutritious and can replace your hot chocolate and coffees during the day. Only one teaspoon is enough to meet your daily antioxidant needs! 

In the below video, you will find out why I highly recommend Berry Radical to people! It’s low in calories and each serving will cost you less than a cup of hot chocolate in comparison. Watch my video below and let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below!

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They really are good stuff!

Wake Me Up Green Smoothie

wake me up green smoothieGreen smoothies are very refreshing and healthy. It’s a great way to start the morning! One morning, I felt like making myself a green smoothie to start the day. In my fruit basket, I only had some bananas and kiwi fruits. So I decided to just use these ingredients for my smoothie. This combination of fruit works well especially when you add the nutritious supplement, Deepgreen Alkalising Superfood, with apple juice!

So here’s the simple smoothie recipe I used for making this delicious breakfast drink!

Transfer smoothie to another glass and decorate it with a slice of banana! It looks great! Now it’s ready to drink!

If you want to find out more about why the Miessence Deepgreen Superfoods are so good, check out this blog article here. CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in smoothies, I have made some other smoothies here that you can check out too!

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you enjoyed the video too. If you have made some fantastic smoothies, please share by commenting below!

Pick me up snacks: Radical Balls

Radical balls

Who love snacks during the day? We all have those cravings…

Recently, I made some very delicious Radical Balls. The reason why I call them radical balls is because I put an antioxidant ingredient called BerryRadical superfood into these tasty balls. It gives it that lovely brown colour.


1/2 Cup Biscuit Crumbs

2 teaspoons Miessence Berry Radical Superfood

2 tablespoons dessicated coconut

2 tablespoons condense milk

Extra dessicated coconut for coating balls


Add all the dry ingredients together (except the extra coconut), and then add condense milk which sticks all the dry ingredients together. You need to use you hands to mix everything thoroughly first, and then make the balls and roll them quickly into the extra coconut. If you want them to be really firm, can place them in the fridge. 

In the below video, I demonstrated how you can make these delicious snacks. The kids will love them for sure! I made 8 radical balls with this recipe. Go ahead and watch my video…it is worth it to make this at home.

Thanks for watching! Hope you really enjoyed it.

If you want to find out more about Berry Radical, click here!

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Antioxidant-Rich Pancakes

Anti-oxidant Rich PancakesHave you made pancakes that are so delicious that makes you want to make more of it? I have used a very simple recipe to make these pancakes and also adding my favorite secret ingredient to make them rich in anti-oxidants. It is called the Miessence Berry Radical anti-oxidant superfood!

If you feel like having pancakes, watch my video below where I show you how to make these tasty anti-oxidant rich pancakes with a few simple ingredients.

They are super easy to make and doesn’t take too much of your time. You can add your favorite fruits on top of these pancakes if you don’t like strawberries. You can also use maple syrup as an alternative for honey.

Ingredients you will need:

100g Plain Flour

2 Eggs

300ml Milk

1 tablespoon Sunflour Oil

Pinch of Salt

2 teaspoons Miessence Berry Radical

For decoration:

Fruits of your choice eg. strawberries

Icing sugar to sprinkle

Honey (or maple syrup)

Learn more about the Miessence Superfoods in this awesome video here. CLICK HERE!

Will you try these pancakes? If you have made some delicious pancakes, share with us the recipe by commenting below.

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Super Healthy Fruity Milkshake

Super Fruity Milk ShakeSometimes, I like to make myself a delicious milkshake by adding my favorite fruits and superfoods in there. Recently, I created a video showing people how I made this fruity milkshake with the Miessence superfoods. 

This may be something that you would like to try  out if you decide to do a 10 Day Miessence Vitality Challenge that I explained about in my previous post called ‘A Better Me In Ten Days’. You can read it here. CLICK HERE.

This milkshake is similar to a previous one that I made, which is shown in this post called ‘How To Make Your Own Probiotic’. Check it out here. CLICK HERE

The only difference with this milkshake is that it doesn’t have pear and yoghurt in it. In fact, it has the InLive Miessence probiotic in it instead. This is even better than yoghurt itself!

There’s an awesome video that explains about the superfoods really well. Check out my post called ‘Superfoods – My Miracle Food!’ CLICK HERE

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What is your favorite milkshake? 

My DeepGreen Alkalising Breakfast

Today, I would like to share with you what I have every morning to start my day. I made a video below to show you how I turned my cereal into a green, healthy, and alkalising meal, by adding my favorite superfood, the Miessence DeepGreen Alkalising superfood! This breakfast gives me lots of energy in the morning to do what I need to do. 

I have been pretty creative lately with my DeepGreens, just turning some other foods green like my Potato and Gravy and my oats with chia seeds. I think it’s good to sometimes play with food as long as it keeps me healthy and happy.

What do you think of my breakfast? Would you do something like this? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


My Nutritious Lunch In Under 5 Minutes

We all have days where we are so busy, which leaves very little time to prepare lunch. The good news is that lunch doesn’t have to take so long to prepare and still be delicious and nutritious.

Today, I made a very quick and simple lunch in less than 5 minutes! It was very healthy and was also filling too!

Now you are wondering what kind of meal I made. Find out by watching my video!



Superfoods that I used in my meal includes Chia Seeds and DeepGreens

I like to use chia seeds in this meal because it tastes great and it is also rich in essential fatty acids, protein, soluble fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The DeepGreens are great for alkalising and detoxing my body.

Not long ago, I created a video where I added these DeepGreens into my KFC potato and gravy. Want to see what it looks like? Read my blog post called “My Nutritious Green Potato and Gravy”. CLICK HERE!

Superfoods – My Miracle Food!

Berries 02

In a previous post, A Better Me In Ten Days,  I created an animation about the Miessence 10 Day Vitality Challenge. Here’s a great video (below) that was recently created that explains more about these awesome organic superfoods. I would like to encourage anyone who have not tried it to give these superfoods a go. You never know if you have never tried it before. It might be the best decision that you have ever made!

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A Better Me In Ten Days

We all have our days where we don’t feel good about ourselves. We may feel tired, lethagic, stressed out, can’t concentrate, get sick frequently, and just need something to help us feel better. Health is one of the important things that people want to improve. There are so many products out there screaming at us to buy them. It’s no wonder why people get distracted and confused which products they should buy that would work for them.

If you want to improve your health and vitality, I believe that nutrition should be your focus. The below video talks about a 10 Day Challenge that I encourage people to participate in to see if these nutritional foods work for you and possibly include them as part of your lifestyle. 

I Want To Improve My Health And Vitality. What Should I Do? You Can Participate In The Miessence 10 day Vitality Challenge! In 10 days, You Should Notice A Change With Your Vitality And Wellbeing. You Might Have Increased Energy Levels. Heightened Mental Alertness. Improved Sleep And Immunity. And Feel Healthier And Stronger Overall! Many People Who Have Participated In This Challenge Highly Recommends It! Sounds Great! How Do I Participate In This 10 Day Challenge? All You Need To Do Is Order Your Miessence Vitality Challenge Pack. It Can Be Delivered Straight To Your Door. Vitality Pack Contains 3 Superfoods. If You Are Happy After 10 days, You Can Purchase The Full Packs Of Superfoods. Where Do I Purchase My 10 Day Miessence Vitality Pack? WWW.TERESAORGANICS.COM 

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