New Weightloss Superfood – FAST!

New FAST Weightloss Superfood

FAST weightloss superfood

A new product will be joining the Miessence superfood range very soon. It is called the FAST Weightloss Superfood! This product is the BEST way to achieve fast, sustained weight loss. The interest in FAST has been bigger than in any other product in the entire history of Miessence. Pre-orders for this product will begin on the 1st of October via the FAST product page (coming soon). But our first limited edition release of FAST will be ready in our warehouse from mid-November. So register your interest now by leaving your contact details here.CLICK HERE!

What is FAST?

FAST is a carefully balanced superfood and herbal blend designed to support your 3-day fast.

By using FAST weight-loss superfood, you can:

  1. Lose weight fast without significant hunger
  2. Sustain lost weight simply by maintaining a healthy diet afterwards (just don’t jump back into the pizza!)
  3. Experience the energising benefits of adding extremely pure and potent certified organic nutrients to your diet.
  4. Reboot and cleanse your system to ensure your vital organs and digestion perform at their best.
  5. Switch on powerful survival genes that trigger the body’s own production of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and repair functions by introducing Intermittent Fasting (IF) into your diet.

After just 3 short days, you will wake up feeling lighter & cleaner, energised, refreshed and satisfied with an improvement in digestion, elimination, mental clarity, skin and sleep symptoms.

What does it include and how does it work?

FAST includes a carefully balanced superfood and herbal blend including:

  • an extremely potent, pure, plant-based protein blend with a complete amino acid profile to limit hunger and increase calories burned through digestion
  • a prebiotic fibre blend to keep things moving, reduce discomfort associated with digestive disorders and feed the good bacteria in the intestines
  • an alkalising greens blend containing vital enzymes, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and alkalising minerals to strengthen the immune system, improve mental focus and clarity and increase energy
  • liver and digestive tonic herbs to support the healthy functioning and detoxification of the liver, colon, kidneys, spleen, and gallbladder, purify the blood, strengthen the lymphatic system and heal the skin
  • extremely potent and fast-acting antioxidant superfoods to absorb free radicals and energise your cells.

Price and other features

FAST is a 3-day program that is able to adapted for higher weight loss requirements, regular system maintenance and/or to incorporate the benefits of longer term Intermittent Fasting. Each 270g/9.5oz tub will come complete with support information including product benefits and how to use it on the label. Product fact sheets and educational videos regarding the product, its benefits, ingredients and how to use it will be released over the coming few weeks.

How much will it cost?

This is the BEST bit: as a special offer to our network, we are making FAST available for the very affordable price of just $39.95*!

That’s right – we want YOU and everyone that you know to be able to benefit from this incredible superfood product, WITHOUT price getting in the way! Because this is already a very special price, no further discounts will apply to this product… and luckily you won’t need them!

* Price in all regions except UK, where unit price is 24.95GBP, and Japan, where unit price is 4900JPY. Standard shipping costs apply.

Remember to share this exciting news to your friends and family! There is always someone who is interested in losing weight. They’ll love you for it!

Anyone interested in this new product are expected to register their interest by leaving your contact details here. CLICK HERE!

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