Hazardous Ingredient Glossary

This is a list of common toxic chemical ingredients that are found in your household products. This information has been sourced from Material Safety Data Sheets (or MSDS), recognised as the international standard for providing safety information about chemical ingredients used by humans. CLICK HERE


An online chemical database that allows you to research more chemical ingredients. CLICK HERE

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep

This is a database that provides users with an easy-to-navigate safety ratings for a wide range of products and ingredients in the cosmetic and personal care products industry. It is useful for protecting yourself and your family from everyday exposures to harmful chemicals. CLICK HERE

The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion by Bill Statham

This pocket size shopping guide is highly recommended if you are concerned about food additives and cosmetic ingredients. It’s a book for people who are committed to living a healthy life. So next time you go shopping, make sure you bring this book along to help you choose safer products. To find out more about this book, CLICK HERE.

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  1. calen says:

    Thanks for a very informative and necessary web site. I like your emphasis on what we can do individually to neutralize problems like food additives and chemicals in day to day life. It is about time we returned to a more natural way of life and you are helping to do that.
    All the best,

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