Where to buy bamboo sheets and towels?

A few years back, I bought my first bamboo towel online from Ettitude just to try it out and fell completely in love with it ever since. It was so soft! To me, they had the best bamboo towels.  Whenever I need new towels, I know that this is the place where to buy bamboo towels.

bamboo bed sheetsNot long after I bought my first bamboo towel, I was invited to Ettitude’s 4th birthday party located in a warehouse at Mebourne where there were organic food and drink and many prizes to be won. That night, they had a raffle and I won first prize, which was the best part of that night.

My prize was a 100% organic bamboo queen size bed sheet set. It was bright green as you can see on the picture to your right. Inside the bag, there was 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow cases. In the picture, the sheets are clumped up and look a bit wrinkly because it hasn’t been ironed.

Even though bright green isn’t exactly my favorite color, I’m still proud that I won this prize and get to try out my new bamboo bed sheets. I loved the fact that it was luxuriously smooth with a silky soft texture. After some time, I bought myself some bamboo kitchen towels/tea towels and another bed sheet set, which is deep purple color, a color that I liked.

So if you are wondering where to buy bamboo bed sheets, towels and other items, check out the below online stores by clicking on the pictures


Ettitute is committed to making eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. They sell bamboo bedding, bath and linens, organic cotton baby & kids clothing, eco-friendly laundry & toiletries, bamboo underwear, socks and clothing. Click on below picture to visit Ettitude’s online store.

Ettitude Organic Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover Set Blue Nights

Eastwind Textiles

Eastwind Textiles is an Australian company based in Adelaide. Their products are made with 100% bamboo and specializes in selling bamboo bed sheets, blankets, towels, clothes, cot sheets for babies, and clothing. Click on below picture to visit Eastwind Textiles’ online store.

Eastwind Textiles


Doodlebug was established in 2009 and sells fashionable bamboo clothing for babies and children newborn through to around 8 years old. Other eco-friendly products include stationery products. Products are designed in Australia, but products can be shipped internationally. Click on below picture to visit Doodlebug’s online store.



Choose BambooIf you want to do your bit to make a positive impact on the environment, choosing products made from bamboo fabric is an excellent organic choice. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton with a texture similar to silk. Once you try the bamboo products, you’ll know what I mean. They also have anti-bacterial properties, which means that you won’t smell when you wear bamboo clothing. 

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