Why Reduce Waste? Does Recycling Reduce Waste?

Why Reduce Waste?

sustainability reduce wastageWaste reduction is very important when considering our environmental impact. Did you know that the average household in a developed nation produces around 1 tonne of rubbish every year?

Raw materials and energy is used every time new goods are produced. So when we dispose of those products, then it means that the energy used to produce that product is wasted.

Doing our bit to make a difference to our environment starts with reducing our household waste, which contributes to reducing energy consumption at a grand scale. This involves examining and changing our buying habits. 

10 Tips On Reducing Your Waste

1) Less is best: Only buy things you really need. Choose goods with less packaging.

2) Buy pre-loved items: Consider buying second-hand goods rather than brand new. They are cheaper and may even be good quality. You can find some really good items at garage sales, markets, auctions, the salvos etc. 

3) Buy good quality and durable items: It is much better to buy good quality items that last much longer compared to cheap products that need replacing frequently. 

4) Care for your items: This means maintaining, servicing and protecting your items so that it will last longer.

5) Buy products that can be repaired, adapted or upgraded: A good example is buying a computer with a high quality casing so that you can just upgrade the internal components without buying a whole new PC.

6) Buy recyclable products or those produced from recycled materials: It generally requires less energy to produce new products from recycled materials than from raw materials. 

7) Recycling: Before you dispose of any items, think about whether you can reuse or recycle it. If not, perhaps you could sell it, trade it, or donate it. 

8) Use cloth bags for shopping: Using cloth bags means you will avoid using plastic bags for your shopping. 

9) Buy in bulk: This will save you money and also reduce packaging material used.

10) Packaging matters: It is better to buy products with packaging made from recycled materials or labelled with the international recycling symbol.

Why Should We Recycle?

It requires less energy consumption to produce new goods from recycled materials than from raw materials. The below table shows you how much energy is saved when you produce the material from recycled materials. These figures were obtained from 500 Energy-saving secrets published by Reader’s Digest (2010).

energy saving

If you want to know whether the products you are using are recyclable, always check for the international recycling symbol on the packaging. It’s better for our environment if we can recycle as much as possible!

recycle symbol


Changing our shopping habits, recycling, and buying products made from recyclable material contributes to waste reduction and less energy consumption. Hence, better for our environment.

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