Why Switch To Reusable Menstrual Products?

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As a woman, one of the things that we need to deal with each month is to put up with our period and the symptoms that may come with it, such as cramps, headache, fatigue etc.

Most women are aware that the supermarkets sell a wide range of disposable sanitary products, but not many know that there are reusable menstrual products available that are better for us and the environment.

So in this article, we are going to learn about reusable alternatives that are already available out there and their many benefits.

What Are The Reusable Menstrual Products?

There are various places online that specialise in making and selling cloth menstrual pads (eg. organic cotton menstrual pads) and silicone menstrual cups, which are alternatives to tampons. These alternatives are very effective in collecting our menstrual fluid during that time of the month.

Benefits of Using Reusable Menstrual Products

1) Very Friendly To Our Environment

Switching to reusable menstrual products mean that you will not contribute to the landfills. According to the National Women’s Health Network, 12 BILLION pads and 7 MILLION tampons pollute landfills annually in the US.

Now let’s think about our period for a moment. On average, periods should last for up to 7 days. If we are using a few pads or tampons each day until our period finishes, and we repeat the same cycle each month, we can roughly estimate how many disposable menstrual products would we use annually.

These disposable products get used once and thrown away. They end up in the landfills! There are so many women in this world. You can imagine how many pads and tampons each woman contributes to our landfills annually.

But, if women start switching to reusable menstrual products, it would be so much better for our environment. Remember, every small change can make big differences to our environment!

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 Source: Do you want to see how many tampons you would use in your menstruatinglifetime (35-40 years)? http://keeper.com/question-of-cost

2) Saves Money

Choosing to switch to reusable cloth menstrual pads will definitely save you lots of money over the long haul. Even though there is a high initial price for the product, it lasts ages! There are lots of beautiful designs to choose from too.

Let’s do a calculation here. If it costs you $5 each month for disposable menstrual pads, then it will cost you $60 in a year. In 5 years, you would spend $300 on disposable pads for your period.

But if you bought a reusable menstrual pad online, such as the color day pad from GladRags, it will cost you $14.99 each. Than it 5 years, you would have saved $285.01. What a BARGAIN!!! Cloth menstrual pads have been reported to last more than 5 years, so it is well worth the investment.

I created the below image of three different designs of reusable cloth menstrual pads from GladRags. But, actually they have such a huge range of designs available in their online store. They have pads for night time, pantyliners, value kits, organic pads, and more.

menstruation cloth pads1

Let’s take a look at the silicone menstrual cups as an alternative to tampons. If on average, you spend $4 each month on tampons, then it will cost you $48 in a year. In 5 years, it will cost you $240.

If you bought a silicone moon cup from GladRags, it will cost you $35.00. Then you would have saved $205. These menstrual cups last for up to 10 years. So actually, in 10 years time, you will save $445!

Moon Cup

Can you see the huge savings with these eco-friendly products? So far, we know that these products are better for the environment and our own pockets. But it doesn’t stop there…

3) Zero Harmful Chemicals

Reusable menstrual products are better for your body and health. Unlike disposable menstrual products, cloth pads and silicone cups do not expose you to harmful chemicals. 

4) Very Comfortable

If you are going to wear something for a few hours, at least wear something comfortable! Wearing something that is made of cloth is better than something made of plastic and doesn’t let the skin breathe. 

Silicon cups are good because they just collect menstrual fluid when inserted into the vagina. Unlike tampons, the cups do not dry out the vagina. 

There are less chances of irritation with reusable menstrual products.

5) Effective Protection

The whole point of buying sanitary products is to protect your clothes from being stained by your menstrual fluid. Well, reusable menstrual products are very effective and works the same as disposable ones. They both get the job done! Why not choose the products that have more benefits? 


There are so many great benefits of switching to reusable menstrual products. It is better for the environment, saves us money, has no chemicals, comfortable, and highly effective. These are top reasons why people should consider making that switch from disposables to reusable sanitary products. 

If you want to know more benefits of using reusable menstrual products, have a read of this article. CLICK HERE!

Is this article enough to convince to give cloth pads or silicone cups a try? Would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.


  1. Keely says:

    You are among my new heroes! Thank you for introducing this. Reducing waste is soooo very important to the survival of our lovely planet! We have become accustomed to so many “convenience” (i.e., disposable) items in our lifetimes and simply need to step back and consider the long-term impacts of our choices. These products are ingenious.

    • Teresa says:

      Yes thats right. We all need to make better choices for the benefit of our environment. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

  2. Jyl Darlow says:

    What an eye opener!! Very interesting, thought provoking post here. I know that the cups are being supplied by charities to Third World countries, but they just make total sense anywhere. Great post, great site – well done! :)

    • Teresa says:

      Really? I didn’t know that these cups are being supplied by charities. It’s good though. At least the women can keep reusing the same cup. No wastage at all!

  3. Scott Nottingham says:

    Hello, stumbled upon your page and decided to take a look because I had never heard of such a product before. You mention statistics from the United States but imagine if numbers from the entire world where calculated. The amount of waste not contributed to landfills is mindblowing. I’m all for reducing waste and reusing things. Great idea and who does not like to save money too.Thanks for the information. Something for women to consider for sure.

    • Teresa says:

      The statistics from the entire world would definitely be mind blowing!
      There are so many advantages with using these reusable menstrual products, but I can understand why there would be people who are just not opened to them though.
      It really is a personal choice after all!
      If each woman decides to make this lifestyle change, it would benefit our environment greatly.

  4. Joshua says:

    Hi Teresa, thanks for this eye opener. I will definitely recommend your website to my girlfriend, it will save me some money, lol. But it’s encouraging to know that using reusable menstrual products is environment friendly and chemical free, because those were my initial concerns. Thanks once more for this information.

    • Teresa says:

      Joshua, it will definitely benefit the both of you if your girlfriend does decide to give these reusable menstrual products a go.
      Saves you money and better for her body :)

  5. Katerina Markakis says:

    Hello! What a great website! I am trying to change my lifestyle a bit and always looking for ways to protect the environment, eliminate the use of plastic and -why not- save myself some money!
    I had no idea that this product existed and it sounds wonderful! i should definitely give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks Keye. Hope your friends will be opened to trying these reusable menstrual products. I think people need to try something at least once and see whether it suits their lifestyle.

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